The first multi-channel platform for News Media.

Notum offers the best win-win relationship between News Media and Reporters, hence creating a completely new and exclusive way of doing information.


can manage and expand their newsroom in a few clicks, drastically reducing their costs without forgoing key elements such as quality, exclusivity and reliability. Respect of the editorial line is guaranteed and enhanced by the possibility to select and contact reporters from our worldwide network.

  • Save on infrastructural costs
  • Save on fiscal costs
  • Exclusive services
  • Internationalization and republishing
  • Real-time alerts
  • Reporters in loco
  • Browse reporter profiles
  • Manage your newsroom anywhere
  • Further benefits through gamification
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can propose their original pieces and receive commissions from media all around the world, with the exciting opportunity to expand their professional network and work from any device according to their own schedule.

  • Great professional retribution
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Access to a global network of news media
  • Real-time in loco news alerts
  • Possibility to work everywhere
  • Organize your own work time
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Personal blog with social tools
  • Gamification and incremental benefits
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